Saturday, June 1, 2019

Book time.

Some may wonder what came first?  the books or the brew?  Brew as in whatever food I've made not a witches brew or craft beer brew.  Books came first.

When I was a young girl, my sister and I shared a room.  I learned a specific way to read while I was in 4th grade (imagine all of the words), and from there I was lost in whichever world the book described!   The only downfall is that I can recall lines and text I've read and even get a song stuck in my head for days.   Those people who say their hear voices?   Yup, that's me.  I recall things and they get stuck on a loop in my mind - maybe it's a chorus of a song I heard - maybe its praise or a harsh word from someone.  Don't fret as I have learn to use spin those downfalls into mighty accomplishments!   I can remember lines that I have read, text I have written, and with a prompt music and songs!   The surefire way to get on track, fight insomnia when things are rambling in my mind?  Find a book and read - block everything else out and immerse myself.

You see friends, it is not just books that are my first love - it is the written and spoken words that make them up. Language, communication, diverse dialect, emotion conveyed through words.  Words are important, they can lift or crush you.  We should choose them with care for our audience and not be reckless with them.

I have not kept up on the trends - but I do find it fascinating how fast - or how slow- that slang language can take over.  Remember when texting was limited to a certain number of characters?  Or how you couldn't write a novel on a FB post?  Or go back farther and ask about a telegram!   The written and spoken Iword has gone through so many changes - the American English language is as fluid as the rivers which run from the mountains to the seas.  It can change with the seasons and swell with the tides!

Nowadays I read for so many reasons.   To escape, to quiet my mind, for entertainment, for stress relief, to learn something, for cooking, and just because I can.  You are reading this - so that counts too.   Maybe my book choices are not Nobel peace prize winners - I may not lean toward an autobiography of a famous person and certainly try to avoid the "in" trendy book of the moment (I never read the "grey" book series which everyone gushed about).  When I do like an author - I tend to buy their books, and man oh man is my library busting out the seams again!

I have read some not so great books too.   Perhaps the writers style was not too my liking, perhaps the content was not in my interests, or perhaps the delivery of the story was not...  See, trying to find the right word and "shitty" isn't right.  I recently bought a popular authors book (no I won't bash them), and it was so... summarized.  It felt as if the author published a rough draft, or it was meant to be a screenplay, or maybe someone else wrote it - but to me it was off-putting.   I read reviews on Amazon and others felt the same.   But again, reading is highly subjective.  Just because I did not care for it, doesn't mean another won't.

This all being said, I do more than just cook around here!  I may use the tablet, Netflix some shows while cooking and cleaning, but to really escape - I like to grab a cup of coffee or tea, a tangible book, and sit in a quiet place for a few hours.  Reading is what helps me to recharge.

Now onto the next book!  I am starting a new series by Erica Spindler.  The Lightkeepers "The Final Seven".   I love her other books and actually just finished "Justice for Sarah and "The Other Girl".

So the question I pose of you.  Why do you read? Do you find yourself drawn to a certain style of writing, or a particular subject?