Sunday, May 14, 2023

A day for the dogs, happy Mother's day.

Mother's day.   A day I thought that I would one day celebrate as a mom, to someone else I birthed and watched grow.   Life doesn't care about your wants and desires and some things are just not meant to be.   I struggled through years of depression, suffering in silence where only my husband saw my lows.  He has been my rock, my shoulder, my confidant thru all of my dark days.   A few years back my own mom gave me a mother's day card, as she said that our dog Sauk was lucky to have me as his dogmom.     I don't thi k I ever told her (surprise if you're reading this mom), but I cried so hard that night and a few nights after.  My life long dream of having children was kaput.  But as fate and luck would have it, I had a dog who was like a kid.   So every year when I wish her happy mothers day, she says it back and means it.   Slowly but surely my depression stays at bay.  

The baby blues were hitting again, so we adopted a puppy. It took a week and now our boys are best buddies.  
Diesel came to us by way of Texas, just a boxer / hound mix that has nothing but love to give. We hope to give him all of that and more for however long his life is.

My heart still hurts for my imagined life where we had two happy kids.  Instead I'll spend the money on what would have been a college fund on some travel plans, living the best life we can, giving love to dogs, cats, chickens, and whatever other critter needs a loving home.

Happy nurturing day.   Mother them all with love, kindness, humility, and most importantly  forgiveness.  ❤️