The Books of Books N Brew

What am I reading?

Most of you who know me, know I don't have many reading dry spells.   I love to get lost in a book, and be surprised, and enjoy the escape that it allows me.   I am a visual reader.  I see a word and I envision it.  So books, are my mental movies.  This kinda sucks some times when you finally see the movie made, and the scenes that unfold do not match the scenes in your memory.

I believe I can honestly say that I have read more books that I enjoy, than books I don't.  I like fiction, some how-to, love Cookbooks, and other stories.  I have an Irish background and deep appreciation for a good story.

Sometimes I find an author, who is not very popular, and maybe I buy their first book, and then become a fan.. Much like how I found Alex Kava all those years ago with her first book and have been a major fan ever since!  If you want a series about a realistic person who doesn't just fall in love with a different person in every book, check out the Maggie O'Dell series on the website: Alex Kava

For 2017 my goals are simple. Read more, cook more, blog more, explore and have adventures.  Reading a tangible book is one of the most comforting experiences.  No power is needed

So here it is, 2018.  Im still rereading Alex Kava, enjoying the growth from the first book onward.  But I am also expanding my cook book collection this year.  I want to read more of the story of food, wellness journeys and of course, escape into fiction!

With that being said, I love Amazon!  I can find books to fill the gaps in my collections, all at a good price, from hundreds of sellers.  I think we are going to need to move so I can have more book storage!

2019 update - Books are piling up everywhere!  Told B that we need a new bookcase.   I'm busting out at the seams! 

2020 - My goal for 2020 is to do a book catalogue!   Hopefully I can get them all documented.

Happy reading!!