Thursday, September 23, 2010

Missy Kitty, The official Taste Tester

Many think that the barstool by my kitchen counter is for guests. Well that's true. But it's actually the official seat of the BNB Taste Tester. Missy is my 5 year old Russian/Havana Mix. She's a good girl whom, like others who sleep all day, have become fat and lazy. She no longer roams the farm to hunt mice, shrews, and birds. Her toys take up half the living room and she's a sucker for someone to pet her. But her favorite job is to watch me cook. She's not underfoot in the kitchen, as she knows that's my place. Her place is on the bar stool, where she can watch me.

Her favorites are meat, fish, and ice cream. She knows not to lick plates or get into your food (unless it's right in her face). Since I've been trying to limit the red meat in my diet, so is she. No more Friday Steak & Seafood. We've gotten into the Bocca American Grillers with Tomato and Avocado. She really likes the Boccas. Now before you get all upset that she's getting a portion of human food, know this. a 3 mm speck of food won't kill the kitty, she gets her good cat food, which already has these. And we try to balance out the meats with veggies. She loves to lick strawberry fingers (she may try to nibble them too!) and enjoys a romp in the fresh catnip. We grow grass so she can roll and play in it inside the apartment, and she just so happens to like roasted red pepper! When you see Missy Approved, that's because the cat likes it too!

Now for those who are interested in their cat being interactive in the kitchen with them, remember these rules:
1. No Kitties on the counter!
2. Give the Kitty a perch to sit on, so they can see what you're doing.
3. Place the tidbit on the stool or dish on the stool. No taking food from the hands (prevents biting).
4. Never give kitty scraps that you won't eat. Remember, delicate stomachs!
5. Only tidbits. These treats are supposed to be interactive. Great if you're feeling unappreciated or lonely. Talking to yourself also helps, but perhaps they'll start talking back too!
6. Encourage play after treat time! Those fat cats need to work off the 20 calories you've given them.
7. Tell them when there's no more. Just say, "Okay, that's all for now", and make sure you put the food away, else you're just teasing them.
8. Plenty of water, always fresh clean water.
9. No petting the cat when you're cooking. Who wants cat hair in their food?
10. Clean up after kitty. If they don't like it, they may spit it out, so wipe up the area during your normal cleaning.
Missy in her Crinkle Shoot Toy!

Hopefully you and your cat will enjoy this fun activity, just don't let others see you talking to your cat while you're cooking. It may be great for your ego to do so, just not in front of company. She should be entertaining the guests!!

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