Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner Decisions

So, Valentine’s Day came, and sure enough, I was looking forward to some steaks, cauliflower and potatoes.  Sounds romantic, right?  I get home, open up the fridge, and sure enough, the steaks were in too long.  I should’ve put them in the freezer, and I don’t eat them once they’ve turned brownish.  Into the garbage they go.  My wonderful boyfriend, B consoled me with a sweet hug; it wasn’t the end of the world!

So here I am, hungry, crampy, and not sure what to make.  I think, I’ve got the frozen steaks, razor clam meat, and angel hair pasta.  Hmm, seafood pasta?  I made shrimp pasta the week before and B loved it!  So, as I dig through the fridge, I find the chicken andouille, onion, broccoli, and all the cheesy cauliflower ingredients. Out of the freezer came the mussels and razor clams.

I begin prepping the cauliflower, as I knew it would take about 45 min to an hour to cook all the way.  So out comes the frozen florets, into my white quiche/tart pan, with butter, cream, parm cheese, green onions, and topped with Colby jack cheese.  350 for 45! 

While I was cutting up the other ingredients, I started thinking I’d do cook it more like a scampi.  As the andouille was heating up; I thought that with the angel hair pasta, a red sauce would work best.  In the cupboard was Roasted garlic tomato sauce and some fire roasted diced tomatoes.  Hmm. . . Mussels and clams in red sauce with onion and andouille, WINNER!!

I dumped half the jar and the whole can of diced tomatoes into the sausage mixture.  At this point I took out the broccoli and started to eat them al dente (I was hungry!), then when B asked how long, I said at least 30 minutes, it’ll need to simmer – as I was pouring 1 cup of red wine into the mix. . . I popped some quick parmasean bread into the oven, checked the cauliflower and started on the seafood.  All chopped it just needed some butter/salt, a quick steam and into the red sauce it went!!

30 minutes later, we had a romantic last minute dinner for two, with lunch leftovers!

Speaking of. . . here’s my lunch.

Now, since B will be staying with me for a few weeks, I’ve got some other crazy dinners planned. . .

Tonight, Chicken and vegetables!

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