Monday, November 28, 2011

A Hem Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is done and over for another year.  Want to know what we had?  Here's the BNB menu for A HEM Family Thanksgiving 2011:

Tom Colicchio's Herb Turkey
Perfect Mashed Potatoes
Herb Stuffing
Pan Gravy with Neck Stock
Spiral Ham
Whole Berry Cranberries
Thyme and Orange Juiced Roasted Carrots
Potato Salad
Green Bean Casserole
Green Salad (which no one ate)
Prawn Cocktail
Veggies and Chips with Dill and Chipotle Dip
Costco Pumpkin & Apple Pies with FRESH whipped cream

What didn't get made was:
Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Balsamic Glazed Pearl Onions

We had enough leftovers for everyone to take home, as this year there was only 7 of us (about 12 people couldn't make it this year).   This was the second thanksgiving that I was the "chef". I broke in a new apron and found out I need cooking shoes.  The ones I wore were not meant to stand around for hours.

Our day was pretty perfect.  The menu was built around tradition and fresh ingredients. The gravy was made with homemade turkey stock (neck + onion, carrot, celery & boiled for 2 hours until rich and hearty), the stuffing with FRESH herbs, and the carrots were roasted with a low acid orange juice.  We had a few smoke-outs in the kitchen (forgot to clean the family oven before the bird went in).  But all in all, it was a GREAT day!!

So the question is, do we stay traditional and do Lasagna for Christmas Eve, or do we spice it up and do a Prime Rib Roast?  I'm not sure.  We spent a few $$ on this holiday.  My birthday comes next.  THEN I will worry about Christmas.

Unfortunately, this year I did not get any images of our meal.  All I have is full bellies and warm smiles.  That's all this home-cook needs!

Happy Monday!

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