Monday, August 12, 2013

Update on "OroGold" Company Spotlight

So... I've removed my OroGold Bad Company Spotlight... Why?  Because they actually came to a resolution in the matter with my friend.
Does that mean that I'd ever recommend a person to buy their products? I'd have them first read all the return policies and be an informed consumer.  But it does give me hope that there are people who truly believe in customer service and in doing the Right Thing.  I was not very happy to have seen a friend's mom taken advantage of... but unfortunately, this is not a new scandal for our wonderful seniors, and LUCKILY this came to a happy ending.  This is not always the case!

So I've removed the letter as I don't want to jeopardize any refunds for my friends.  But this just goes to show, that if you have a problem, instead of just complaining about it, always contact the company that perhaps has done a disservice.  Let them know immediately, don't delay.  

I have another story like the one of my friends mom, but it happened to me. 
I signed up for a free account, and after it expired, I was charged the annual fee.  Well one year later, I was charged again, but I needed that money, and I no longer used the website (it was a hiking website).  So luckily, they refunded my money and thanked me for letting them know within days of the charge. Credit Card Disputes can lead to the merchant being fined by the credit card companies, so it's always best to try and contact the company directly.  Sometimes they'll help you right away like in my case.  But in others, like Mrs. K up in BC Canada, she needed friends to bring her situation to light..

So thank you everyone who sent a letter, who called, and who read my blog.  
Thank you to OROGOLD for making this right.  

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