Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold and Corned beef!

Another cold snap is hitting the pacific northwest.  We were down to 14 degrees upriver. It was beautiful!

That being said, I saw one of my favorite foods on the store shelves yesterday.. Corned beef.  Irish American food.  It's so bad its good.  And my husband can cook it (crockpots are a wife's best friend!). It got me thinking about St. Pat's day 2014, which is on a Monday.  I think I'll be celebrating on Sunday this year!
I am pleased to announce that this year I may even try my hand at making my own Irish Bacon!

I can't wait for potato oatmeal breakfast cakes, Irish coffee, some Irish car bomb cupcakes, roasted root veggies, champ, colcannon, and more!

All recipes I make will be creates to be featured in my upcoming cookbook, so look for a few sneak peeks as I gather ingredients in the next month!

Until then, keep warm!

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