Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall is in the air

So I haven't updated this blog much this year.   I wanted to live, to write, to regain my health and to soak up new experiences.

I've learned that corn should be harvested vearly, some peas will self seed, and that I don't really like growing the San marzano tomatoes. 

The garden is just about done producing.... Pesto will be made this week, herbs are coming in for drying and peppermint and rose petals are being processed for beauty treatments. 

But fall is my favorite time of year. I havelove harvest season, seeing trees in all their glory, and most importantly.... Apples. It's almost Apple sauce making time.

But right now it's bed time. So I'm be sleeping, dreaming of the soon to be made foodie goodies made fresh from my garden!

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