Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Pats's Eve Prep

It's time for some Prep for St. Patrick's Day.  Here in the USA we love our celebrations, and as my Grams used to say, "Everyone is a bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day!"  So that I can be better prepared for my feast weekend, I have three things I need to make tonight.

I'm planning on trying out a new Shamrock Fudge recipe Double Chocolate Creme de Menthe Fudge Shamrocks.  Pictures will have to wait, but I am kinda excited!

Next up is my own  Chocolate Beer Cakes, but in cupcake form and with some Bailey's creamer Frosting (no alcohol in the frosting since these have to go to work).

Last but not least, Irish Cream.  Last year I mentioned that I went on Amazon and bought a few cookbooks.  Out of the three I purchased, "The Farmette Cookbook: by Imen McDonnell is by far my favorite.  You can see her blog here.

I will be attempting to make my first batch of Irish Cream.

If you getting into Farm Fresh meals, check out her book on Amazon.  The link is:

Okay.. Enough time spent at the computer!  Time to get cooking!

Until next time!

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