Saturday, November 25, 2017

Whats next

Well, I have finally come into the future.  Yes that means I have been gifted a tablet, which is my hope that it encourages me to keep blogging and writing out my reciepe creations,.   A little more to the story is that I have been dealing with autoimmune issues and have been partaking in an specialized diet, called the autoimmune protocol.  Basically eliminating any and all allergens to heal potentially leaky gut.  So far I've been on this diet with a few minor relapses, for 5 weeks.  I have lost over 15 lbs, have more energy, but my cravings can come on like a flash flood.  To any and all who read this blog, there is hope.  And one day when I know what my trigger foods are, I can avoid them and continue my health journey.

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