Saturday, June 30, 2018


Recently I visited with my doctor.  Just an annual visit to touch base.  She looked at me and said I looked relaxed, happy and glowing. The #1 way to improve my health is thru lifestyle change.  We both agreed it won't happen overnight, it could take up to a year!

So with my little changes in habit that are becoming more routine, self care, relaxation and stress reduction, I have a few indulgences. We also laughed about choice and consequences, and philosophically discussed fluidity in our daily and seasonally life cycles.   We are both the same age, nearing a decade change, so life is starting to have some different meanings. 

So, one thing i have on my indulgence list.  Mini marshmallows for my coffee.  I know, right?  It's not going to kill me, these are the only sugary bits I add.  It makes me smile and think of innocence. 

Recently I ran out of my supply, so as I already had my dehydrator going, I put in some regular sized marshmallows  (since I always keep a bag on hand for campfires), but cut them in half.  I am giggling as I recall waiting to see if they were just as good.  They were!

Not going to post a recipe, this is one thing that is still needing tweaking as i used different temp settings and I haven't a clue how much total time went into making my little treat. 

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