Sunday, September 9, 2018

Almost Fall and the balance of it all.

It's almost time.  Time for what you may ask?  Fall, or the beginning of Fall which is actually my favorite time of year.  The nights start shifting to cooler temps, my garden bounty is in full giving mode, apples are ready to be made into sauce, stews go on the stove, and sweaters can be worn again!  The days become shorter and I don't feel as guilty being inside as when I do when it is full bloom spring and summer.

I love the crisp morning air, it smells clean due to rains that are finally gracing us with their liquid love.  One of my favorite things to do when I have a spare moment, grab a hot cup of tea or coffee, a book, a blanket and settle out in the back to get absorbed in a story.  This little bit of me time helps me to recharge.

You may wonder what this post is about.  It's not about any one book, or any one recipe.  It's about why I love this time of year.  I struggle with some aspects of life.  Memory, fatigue, attention drift, anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues.  Most issues are not as prevalent because I can now recognize my signs and take measures to circumvent a full episode - usually.  But when my thoughts are running rampant, and I need to de-stress - one of my me time activities helps.  Reading, a cup of decaf tea, being in a quiet place, cooking, gardening, or even a hot bath helps.  

I crave balance.  Being more middle road.  It's a concept that has become more and more a life long ambition.  I don't want to be labelled as one or the other, but a bit of both who can understand all sides of a coin (three sides by the way).  Balance to me is harmony.  Knowing that life can swing both ways -  easy or hard, soft or sharp, light or dark, and hot or cold.  I found my happiness somewhere in the middle.

So today I am reminded of that balance.  You can't have summer without winter, green grass without rain, and you can't have crisp morning air without cooler temps.  I look forward to these life changes, am working to make sure I am appreciative of this life - and thankful for those that share in it with me.   

Happy end of Summer, cheers to an upcoming fall.

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