Saturday, March 14, 2020

End of Winter

If you would have told me early last month that instead of getting pumped up and stretching out in the cold morning, that I would  be blogging in my jammies, I'd have said you would be wrong!  I had a goal to do two 5ks, the first which should have been today.  I was planning on having to cancel today's due to a foot injury - but now due to the current world situation - I'm getting a refund.   Not just on today's, but on the one for next month too.  In the State of Washington, any public gathering with 250 people or more is henceforth banned, as of Tuesday March 17th.  Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

Covid19 has changed our landscape, our present, our immediate future. It has brougt the realization that most folks were not as prepared as they thought to ride out 3 days, a week, let alone the 6 weeks that our schools and other places / events gatherings will be closed.

I have thought long and hard about this.  I come from Irish_Americans, and this is just one life lesson we have always known.   There comes a time in history when the world becomes smaller - that people need eachother.  This is one of those times.

I would never have called myself a prepper - the term that many of the doomsday preppers - the time when they all thought that shit would hit the fan, i don't have a bugout bag or a cache in the woods.  But I've always believed that we should be prepared in life for any emergency.  I buy an extra bottle of shampoo when it is on sale; same goes for laundry soap, paper towels, toothpaste, coffee, flour, beans, coffee creamer.  My husband is now more surprised when I forget to pickup the one extra spare than when I come home with a trunkful and a smile. 

You see I grew up on stories of the depression from my grandma.  She would say the her father would give milk to neighbors from their cow, as her father used to say "the cow doesn't know it's the depression".    I could never understand why she would freeze a half cup of gravy and mashed potatoes - in a glass jar.  It was a just in case measure.   Most people who squirrel things away, try to use them before the next season.  Too much of this and the effect then becomes a hoarding situation.  I try to not be a hoarder.   If I'm not using it, then I don't need it and out the house it goes! 

Practicality is something that I see lacking lately.   Logic, reason, common sense, self reliance, and due diligence.  These are qualities we all need to focus on, as well as empathy, compassion, selflessness and grace.   Be grateful for what you do have, and if you can help in any way, do.

I placed my new seed order last night. After I do some kitchen prep, my plan is to head out to the greenhouse for the annual end of winter cleaning event.  My lettuce is sprouting in the cold frame. My garlic is popping up, and the leeks are looking fabulous!   I need to pull weeds and dig out the raspberries, transplant the strawberries. 

The world will keep turning on it's axis, no matter how you handle the reality of the  world with covid-19 threats.

Soon the fear and worry of the world will ebb - for now tensions and the unknown are high.  But I have faith in humanity.  I have faith the communities will come together to support eachother.    But mark this on the calendar - this will be a pivotal point in history much like 9/11 and even Columbine.  You will define history as before and after.  Before covid-19 you may have taken for granted being able to purchase such  basic supplies without fear of running out.  It may not cause such devastation, but it will cause a ripple affect and like all other world wide events, will bring out the true nature in others.

My advice to anyone reading this - take a deep breath.  Look around you.  Be thankful for what you have.  Take an Inventory of your own self, your surroundings, and make a list.  Do you have enough for two weeks? Are you being selfish in our needs?  Can you make do with less?  Can you learn to adapt?  What is your worst fears, how can others help ease those fears?  Can you help others ease their fears?  How can you show more compassion in the days ahead? 

Unfortunately when compassion is most needed, greed and scammers come out full force.  Watch out for  your neighbors - please be careful who you gift money to.  Instead gift items like books, food, offer to do a load of laundry, and make sure you validate the source of the monetary request.    Look back thru history - these times are when the rich get richer by buying up stocks and weathering the storms.  And the shady folks thrive in the face of uncertainty.

I choose hope.   My garden will soon be blossoming - and it's my hope to share it with you over the next few months. 

Blessings and peace,

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