Sunday, November 21, 2021

A Week of Thanks - Sunday

A week of Thanks begins today.  I have been wanting to start a new tradition - due to Covid and our own health, we're not travelling to see family this year.  Next year is a different story, but this year I am planning out a full week.  Each day I'll be making an observation of thanks, posting it here and I hope this will inspire others.

Sunday Thoughts of Thanks
May the light of the moon guide your path thru the darkness, and may your inner light shine like a beacon so others may find their own way.

I woke at 6am on this Sunday, and I noticed a light shining in the house.   It was the wrong angle to be the neighboors flood light, so I glanced out the window to see the bright moon - blue and shining down into my home in between clouds.   It was a glorious sight, reminding me that even in darkness there is beauty.   I've faced my own internal dark issues of late.  Seasonally this is a hard time for me, but with some tools I've learned over the years (meditation, self-gratitude, being mindful, yoga, walking, laughter), I can truly say I'm in a good place at the moment.  

With a little bit of fall sunshine out,  Sweet Pea - the last hen to moult, wanted some cuddle time.  She no longer lays eggs due to the shock of almost dying in the extreme heat we had in June.  She loves the attention (she talks back too). 

A few months back I changed my career path at my job. I've gained more responsibilities, but the work is very well suited to my skills and I'm really enjoying it.  In a few weeks I'll be at the 10 year mark with the company.  I may have started out just needing a job and coming to terms I may need to look for something else if I wasn't a good fit, but I honestly think I found a place where all of my talents are used.  I've learned from the ground up, and I've got more room to grow and learn.  

Lastly, I made a decision to limit wheat, corn, dairy, and alcohol two months ago.  Hoping to ease some inflammation I've been suffering from.   I'm so proud to say that I think I'm making headway.   I've gone back to consuming some of the foods I know make my body react and inflame, but in limited quantities.   Even my hubby has made little comments like, I don't think we need the added carbs.  Carbohydrates are a neccessary part of our diet (thinking eating lifestyle not a diet to loose anything), but that doesn't mean we need to overdo them on a daily basis.   Lots of vegetables, good protiens, and portion size (we've joked we eat like old people) and an indulgence here and there are our daily meal selections.

Here is one that has a story behind it.

Shrimp Louie - Newport style.
A few years back we did a coast/97 round trip road trip.   We went down the coast into california, crossed over to the middle and came home up 97.   We want to do it again, but take more time, maybe not during tourist season so much.  We stayed in a few great places, some not so great places - and saw some amazing sights and have FABULOUS meals.   One such place was a tiny fish cafe right in Newport, Oregon.   It was our 3rd choice, the only place that had a table, and we had fresh oregon baby shrimp salads as we watched them process shrimp out the viewing window.  You couldn't get any fresher than that!   It wasn't fancy - it was simple and so good.   So now, a few times a year, we make baby shrimp louie salads with whatever we have on hand.

Baby Shrimp Louie with chowder

Romaine Lettuce
Arugula (from our garden)
Radish (cut into matchsticks)
Onion (sliced super thin)
tomato (the last ripened tomato from the greenhouse, picked just the other day)
Baby Shrimp
Soft boiled egg
Thousand Island dressing
parmaeson cheese

Toss the greens, top with radish, onion, cucumber. toss again. chill for an hour 
rinse the shrimp
Add to bowl, greens, shrimp, tomato
Peel and rinse the egg, cut into half, place onto salad
grate some parm cheese over the top
drizzle dressing to your liking (I like lots!)
serve by itself or alongside a soup (clam chowder or shrimp bisque)

The luscioius egg makes this salad into perfection!

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