Wednesday, July 5, 2023

it's not the 4th of July without ....

To say we are blessed is an understatement.   Family, friends, compassion, a home, food, a garden, skills, forgiveness,  love, and an environment where all are accepted to live life in the pursuit of your own happiness without fear of repercussions for not conforming to someone else's set of views. 

Independence Day in the USA can be celebrated in different ways.  For us it's a reminder that all are created equal, we all are borne, bleed and die and each human deserves to choose their own path. Whether that path leads you, hopefully we travel the same way for a while and when we veer off - we wish you the best in life.  There are folks we'll see again and those that cross a bridge and burn it down later.
It takes too much energy anymore to keep hatred aflame, so wish them well and keep moving down your path in life.

In true fashion, we celebrated with family and friends, our dogs and the catch B brought home from a day out with friends.

How blessed are we?  Immensely. 

Crab salad and bratwurst.
Dungeness crab meat, caught fresh.
Garden greens, leftover roasted corn, tomatoes and radish.
Served alongside a cheddar brat, sodo  style  (cream cheese and relish).

Make the best of the path you are on.   

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