Sunday, January 28, 2024

how is it 2024?

In 2023 I made a plan, blog more.   Write down my thoughts so that future generations can see how folks of this Era felt.  Then life happens and you just live it.    2024 I want to be more present, so that means less social media and more in person interaction.  

For a garden update, we went thru the extreme freeze of January, where our Temps reached 0 degrees F, but with wind chill were about - 7.   It was cold.   I know my brassica plays are cold handy, but unfortunately they were not that cold hardy and got frost burnt.

So there I was the other day, worried because I thought I was smelling propane.    Nope.   Dying brassica. Kale and Brussel sprout plants were nasty and slimy.  Off to the heap they go!

Meanwhile the interior greenhouse plants got cold, but no Frostburn on them.   Good thing I snipped cuttings of my favorite flowers!

I've also started purposely scheduling time to read.   I cannot multi-task when reading so it's been nice to simply sit and let my mind wander. I've enjoyed a few new authors via Kindle as well as hardcover.

Lastly, it's winter in the pnw.  So that means we need lots of green veggies to keep us going til spring!
I tried my hand at making smashburger tacos.  It came out really good, but I piled more lettuce to make sure I got that good green veg!

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