Thursday, March 11, 2010

The basic principle of Books N Brew is why buy it when you can make it yourself? Food tastes better when it's made in your own kitchen, or at least in my kitchen.

Have you ever browsed the grocery frozen entree section, just to see what you can make at home? That is what I do. I look at soups, deli counters, pre-packaged meals, then recreate them, with as many fresh ingredients as I can.

I live in a great culinary area (Edmonds, WA) and between my cat and I, we tend to eat very well!

I also read all the time and have my own collection of books. So stop on by and see what we're brewing up and reading!

Someone once asked me, 'What do you eat when you're stressed?'. Eat? I cook. Then I read.

Edmonds, WA

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