Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Good Life Wasted, by Dave Ames; Book Review

Last year I was going to visit my sister in EW.  (Eastern Washington), and I stopped by the Safeway there.  I saw a book on display and knew I had to buy it.  If not for the title, then at least for a gift.  David Ames, A Good Life Wasted. . . or Twenty Years as a Montana Fishing Guide.  I thought it would be nice something other book, ya know?

It took me months to read it.  Why? It wasn't my normally womens fiction book.  It was an actual Fiction book, like one I would write.  An independent style book.  I don't know how many copies were published, but I hope he made something from it! This was a good read.  It jumped a little and each chapter was a story, but I'll tell you this, NEVER have I Laughed so HARD!!  The outhouse revenge!  I had to read the part out loud to my new boyfriend, who laughed too.

Those that have read the book may disagree with me.  It may not have been as easy to follow as a simple romance, but it was so vivid, I could just see the trout jumping on the river, feel the wind on my face, and wonder if the old drift boat was in the right place on the river.  I've never been on a drift boat, and if I'm confessing, have not been a big fly fisher.  I'm a bobber and worm kinda lake trout gal.

But I'm willing to learn. And I will.  Especially after reading this book.  You can even buy one online at Amazon.

Or, if we're really good friends, you can borrow mine.

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