Monday, January 31, 2011

What Happens when you get Hacked!

Sunday morning I was dreaming, and I woke to my phone buzzing.  It was a friend calling to check to make sure I was alright.  She had received an email from me, stating I was the UK.  I've posted the email below:

This had to come in a hurry and it has left me in a devastating state...I made a trip to Wales,United Kingdom for a short vacation unfortunately i was mugged at the park of the hotel where i stayed,all cash,credit card and cell were stolen off me but luckily for me i still have my passports with me.
I've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and my flight leaves in less than 4hrs from now but am having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the bills,
I'm freaked out at the moment.

Here is the problem with these kind of emails. I normally ALWAYS make all my i's into Caps I's.  I don't like using the word Cell.  I say Mobile.  And the most known - I DONT HAVE A PASSPORT!  Ha Ha Hackers!!!

Do you really think people fall for this?  And from the gal who PREACHES safety in emails.  I have told my friends over and over, don't send me chain letters, I don't believe in your "it's going to cause a problem or your wish will come true" emails.  Don't fall for someone who says to send money, I NEVER ask for money.  I'll handle my own debt, thank you very much. 

Further, Why Wales? I'm Irish, thank you very much, and if I was going to head to the UK, I'd go there. 

As you can tell, I'm very VERY upset by this.  

So I started on the Password reset program.  You'll be happy to know that They DON'T BELIEVE ME.

Well after going through all the motions, putting all the most important parts in their Hotmail recovery forum listing thingy, they've denied me.  So I replied, right on their private forum, WHY??? 

What more info do they need? I realize that Hackers are getting better.  They steal your password, login and IMMEDIATELY change your security questions, account details and then, and then change the password so I cannot log in.  

Well. . . just f'ing great.  So now I'm in the process of Recovering my hotmail account.  I'll just tell you now, I'll be changing it, once Hotmail REFUNDS my money (cause I'm a PAID Hotmail user) - if they cannot recover my account.  

I know I don't have many readers here, so most likely this won't get read. . . 
But I'm begging you Hotmail, please at least let me recover my emails, then I'll change to a new email address (as I've had the AMTRUCKIN account sine the late 90's).  

People who hack into another's account should be punished severely.  

Watch out, Amy's on the rampage. 


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