Monday, February 15, 2016

Milk alternatives... The magic of the coconut

So what do you do when everywhere you turn says that at your age and weight and dietary goals you should limit dairy?  I choose coconut milk.  

My craze started over a week ago and I have some things to report.

1.  Coconut milk in my coffee isn't bad.
2. Coconut milk marinade for shrimp is good.
3. Coconut milk in partial place of cream In Sauces isn't bad.
4. Just because coconut milk isn't all that bad, doesn't mean you should go crazy with coconut flour.  Trust me.  It's a total different taste and texture.
5. Coconut milk with rice is yummy!
6.  Coconut milk in place of cream for an Italian cream soda is a definite keeper.

That's all for now.   Will report back in a few more weeks of trial and error!

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