Sunday, May 6, 2018

April showers lead to May flowers, and other things!

Here in the Pacific Northwest get tons of rain (usually) throughout March and April.   May begins our big blooms - flowers, fruit trees, grasses, pollen, and more!  May has arrived, brought better weather, more daylight hours, sunshine, and garden things are growing.

There is something else brewing here at Books N Brew, Kombucha.  I bought a scoby and starter tea via Amazon and last week finished my first brew, and began my second.  Wow!   Who knew it was this easy!  The hardest part was finding a warm place, but we have a propane stove that gives off residual heat. 

If you have never had Kombucha, the basic cut and dried explanation is a fermented tea.  Now if you are thinking sauerkraut, you are technically on a similar track, but not the same taste wise.  Kombucha uses a scoby, a blob of yeast and organisms that create this wonderful probiotic drink.   With  batch of brewed tea (I use Irish Breakfast) and sugar, within two weeks the first ferment is finished.   Afterwords a second can be done with flavorings.    We did our first batch and then flavored with fresh fruit and passion fruit tea.  AMAZING!

Why did I begin brewing my own?  After paying $3.00 a bottle for a few months, I knew Id have to try making it from home.  I mean, that is my principle, right?  Why buy it when you can make it from home - fresh?   And soon, I will be able to flavor them with my own homegrown berries and herbs!

Can't wait to share our final results, but meanwhile we will just keep brewing and bottling and consuming our homegrown healthy tonics!

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