Thursday, April 25, 2019


2019 marks 10 years in a few anniversaries.   I quit smoking,  my dad was diagnosed and died 3 months later from lung cancer.   

This year I had a long conversation with my doctor.     My own health is at a turning point.    I am at the point that unhealthy habits that seem minor now will lead to a shorter lifespan down the road or have me suffering from medical issues.  I don't smoke but that doesn't mean my 12 years of doing so didn't do enough damage.

How does this happen?     You go from what you thought was healthy to a crash in 10 years.  My hair started falling out 10 years ago too.   Stress is not my friend.   While I have made several changes to get back on a better path,  it's time for some more.      Nerve pain is getting worse so I have to keep doing the good things that help and use products that don't hinder the healing.

Instead of giving things up,  I am trying to change my mindset about what I am gaining.   More time with my husband.   The lung capacity to take a high altitude hike!   Less mass on my joints leading to less pain.   Maybe less psoriasis flares.
The possibilities are endless!

I am going to slip back,  I am doing to fall down (I am a but clumsy at times),  but I will keep pushing forward!

I have a goal set,  a time frame.    Spring helps as I am naturally more active.   Gardening is a big job around our home, so expect to see a few more reading in the garden posts!

Don't fear change.   Take it slow,  be well,  keepoving, and rest when you need it.

Blessings to all.

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