Saturday, January 9, 2021

Ready, set, go!

With my third cup of coffee in hand, I am finally ready to start my day.   I've made lists, I've talked with a few people, laughed, played with the dog.  It's time to do a Saturday clean!

My goals for this year are to walk more - around our property, out in nature, and on the treadmill.   I don't have weightloss on the forefront of my mind.  I do have lung health, heart health, and overall excercise for peace of mind.   I hate to carve out time to goto a gym, and living rurally there is just not enough reasons to pay a fancy membership fee when I live close to nature.  Move with Intention - and do it with a purpose to feel your body, know your body and live your best life, all with trying to do no intentional harm to others.  

Unfortunately that goal is about to be derailed as I go in for surgery on my ankle.  I'll be non-weight bearing for a few weeks, then limited, then will work my way back to being able to take a nice walk in the woods with the dog.   This is my prep weekend and I'm making the best of it!

Making the best of things is kind of a theme around here for 2021.  Who would have guessed we'd be where we are today, trying to make the best out of a volatile nation with such uncertainty hanging over our heads.   I choose to not stress about what I cannot personally change and instead focus on my immediate future, for that is something I can do something about.

Make do with what you have, and work hard for things you don't.    Forgive others their trespasses, look for the joy in a moment and be grateful for your surroundings.  Don't let hate and fear overrun your emotions, there is much joy and peace in the world - it is only our own reactions we can control.

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