Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spring Planning 2021

Sitting at home, in the chair while looking out at my front gardens, I dropped the maeer and did my seed order today.   What surpised me most was that I had more flower and herbs in my cart than vegetables.  Maybe that's because I have been saving seeds for quite some time.  I tend to be shifting to a more all around garden - herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.   Who knows - maybe I'll make my own set of teas.

Looking forward to spring, new growth, new plants and rethinking my garden plan.   

2021 has been a wild ride thus far, but we're looking forward to this summer, yard projects, our annual gumbo night festivities, new dishes, and hopefully some new furniture (built by us).

I am still working on my cookbook project too.  One recipe I've been developing is our Salisbury steak.   

A top quality beef, egg, spices, cracker crumb, onion, garlic browned then simmered in a mushroom onion gravy, and topped with fresh picked parsley.  I won't post up the recipe as I still have some work to do.  But I'll give y'all a picture.  The answer to curious minds, yes I licked the spoon.

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