Sunday, March 14, 2021

Looking back to plan for the future

Here we are, a year later from last year.   Life has changed a bit - but not always for the worst.   We are  about to start prepping for Irish Feast Week - just like last year.   Garden veggies are being planned, seeds started, yard cleanup, and with more sunlight and warmth, the flora and fauna are budding.   

Feast week is about saying good  bye to Winter, hello to Spring and Hope for whatever comes next.

So what does come next?  It felt like last year, things were changing so much, I like to say it was "fluid".   If you were resistant, then you hit the wall and got a headache.  But, if you were fluid, your stress was less and you didn't have a constant headache.    We have always been a couple who has never been afraid of work, or trying things ourselves.  We have chickens, our dog, our gardens, and am hoping to complete our new outdoor bbq patio this year.   Doing things ourselves has never been an issue.

With this upcoming Irish Feast Week, I am planning on writing down and taking pictures to include it in my still a work in progress cookbook.   Things that may or may not be made, sausage rolls, cheddar drop biscuits, irish cream, champ, beets, steamed cabbage and carrots, and of course, corned beef.  Dishes we have done in the past, and know they are our classic American-Irish favorites.  

As always, on the Sunday of Irish Feast week, I like to take a few moments and reflect on the ending season and look forward to the coming Spring and Summer.  My family is so spread out  -with the closest relative over an hour away, so we dont get many guests unless its something long planned.  Plus with the pandemic, we're not able to gather.   I am missing having people over - planning for dinner, laughing, and making memories.  We do have one guest planned for this week, B's mom is coming to celebrate!  This is her first time being with us for St. Patrick's day, so I can't wait to share this special holiday with her.  

Looking forward, new varities of tomatoes are started - greenhouse designs are still being worked on, fuscia's are budding, and I am hearing more birds returning.  Knowing how last year was more like an isloation experiment, we are looking for this year to start adding in more things - people, pets, features, and even a new business!   

What are you looking forward to most for the upcoming season?

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