Sunday, May 2, 2021

May update; Reading, Greenhouse and more

Let's try this again.  I wrote out a beautiful piece about how I have bought more ebooks than print books this year, how I loved and laughed at the Addison Holmes Mystery series by Liliana Hart; how my greenhouse was coming along and in trying to help my tablet, I closed this app and lost all of my work.   
First world problems, right? I may be frustrated right in this moment, but it will pass.  So let me catch you up.  I originally found Liliana Hart via her Gravedigger series, which lead me to read the JJ Grave Series - which is ebook only.  I bought an Amazon Fire 7 thinking it would be a good tablet (it wasn't), which it ultimately became my Kindle.   The battery life on the Fire sucks.  It barely lasts a day,  not even being used due to the ads that wake it up.  It won't stay off while charging and takes the old charger and is like a trickle.  Do you know how frustrating it is to watch your battery drain as you reach a real steamy part of your book (not that I would consider these housewife level steamy, but there is a lot of insinutating and I have an active imagination).  At least with a print book I don't even worry about charging or dropping it, or if I accidently spill a bit of coffee during laughter.   

I will definetly recommend the Addision Holmes books to anyone needing a good series to laugh along with -but it comes with a warning. You will crave ice cream.  I woke up one morning after a dream I purchased a full boat banana split at Dairy Queen.    Yup, you guessed it - I went to the store and bought all the ingredients to make such a dessert.  It was wonderful - see for yourself.

The only downfall to reading though, is that you can't multi-task as much.   It's hard to read and do house chores, and forget about chicken and garden chores.   The ladies would rather try and eat the kale plants than sit quietly and read with me.    

Speaking of gardens - the greenhouse frame is up.   We were just talking about rafters, and all I can think about is how many herb boxes I'll need, and routered plant signs, and a kitchen herb box in front.  There are so many choices  of what to build first and what to plant and so forth.  I'm just excited to have an enclosed space to start garden plants away from the hungry little monsters that lay us breakfast.

Greenhouse progress.

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