Sunday, July 18, 2021

July 2021

July 2021.  The amount of laughter in our house has increased immensely, due to the addition of two kittens.  Our dog Sauk has anxiety issues.  He was in need of a buddy, and when my sister’s cat charlotte had kittens – we had the kids pick two as playmates for Sauk.  So far, a week later, we have no regrets.  Addy (withthe mustache) and Marilyn are 10 weeks old this week, and they are settling in quite nicely into our family.   Addy is the mustache cat, she is very inquisitive and loves to be wherever you are.   Marilyn is a little bit more independent, but she loves to snuggle up to Sauk when she first wakes up.   The adventures of these two are going to be inspiration for my blog and beyond for years to come!   

I must admit, I’ve not been cooking or reading too much lately.  We went thru a heatwave that made eating hot food undesirable.  Now that we're back to our normal July weather - I'm ready to dive in to some creative dishes!   As far as reading goes, I did sign up for Kindle Unlimited, but feel that I just don’t have time to sit and read and do nothing else.   My time lately is filled with constant cleaning, organizing – both inside and outside.  I did finish the a new Nora Roberts - which felt great to read and relax.    My goal for the rest of July is to take at least a few hours each week and sit and read something.   It may be a magazine or a book, but it helps ease my mind from all the jumbled thoughts in my head.

Outside, the garden was planted late due to the greenhouse construction.  It’s still not fully done, but it’s done for now and thus the plants are growing at a wonderful rate!   We have tons of squash planted, tomatoes, cukes, greens, garlic, onions, peppers and herbs.   I have a few more late season items to plant, re-do the outter fence to keep the chickens out, and plant fall flower seeds.

We did loose one of our beloved hens due to the end of June  heatwave.  It was 113 degrees, and the humidity was so high it was hard to breathe.  The hens were brought inside for a day, and one of our girls has yet to being laying again as she was on the verge of death herself.  Violet was our best layer, and she is missed much by the remaining three (picutre left to right is Biggie, Sweet Pea and Milly)   We are looking towards the fall when it's our plan to get a few pullets to add to the flock.    These ladies do more than just lay eggs -they are our natural pest control, fertilizers, and compost makers.     

We had a family visit over Independence day weekend, and the weekend after.  This visit was put off last year due to Covid-19.  We had a blast, and ended up doing a full seafood spread with local oysters, clams and a seafood chowder.   We had so many oysters leftover that I made a spread for the 5th of July bbq.    I must say I did it pretty well and I feel it will be a crowd pleaser for those that enjoy oysters!  I didn't get picture of the spread, so you'll have to use your imagination. 

Oyster  Spread

Courses:  Condiments  and  sauces


1 cup  Cooked  Oysters

1/2  cup  Cooked  Steamer  clam  meat  

8  oz cream  cheese,  softened

1/3  cup  sour  cream 1/3  cup  parmesan  cheese  -  shredded  or  grated

1/2  tsp  marinated  garlic



Worstershire  Sauce

2  TBSP chopped  Green  Onion

1 TBSP Olive  Oil

Milk  or  half  and  half  (to  thin)

Optional:  Hot  Sauce



Rinse  clams  and  Oysters  to  remove  any  grit

Add  to  food  processor:  seafood,  cream  cheese,  parm,  sour  cream,  olive  oil,  and  garlic

Pulse  a  few  times  to  combines

Add  a  few  shakes  of  worstershire  sauce,  green  onions,  pulse  again

Check  for  consistency  -  if  too  thick,  add  a  splash  of  milk

Process  on  low  for  30  seconds

Add  salt  and  pepper  to  taste

Taste  test  again  -  adjust  seasonings  to  your  preference.  If  too  thick,  add  another  splash  of milk.

Process  another  15  to  30  seconds  until  smooth.  Do  not  overmix.

Transfer  to  a  bowl.

Cover  and  chill  for  30  minutes  to  an  hour. Serve  cool  with  crackers,  crudités,  or  pita  chips


Will  keep  in  fridge  for  up  to  3  days

Cook  Oysters  on  the  grill  a  day  before  for  the  best  flavor.  Ok  to  substitute  them  for  jarred (glass  or  plastic)  oysters.

Use  extra  small,  small,  or  medium  sized  oysters.


Upcoming in the next chapter - the cookbook progress, and what's growing in the garden!

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