Sunday, February 27, 2022

Where has 2022 gone?

It's just aboutt March, and I got to thinking abouot the passing of time.  Where has it gone, what has beeen wasted, what has been spent making memories, and what do I want  to focus on in the future.  It's really been almost two YEARS since I've worked in the office.  It feels like I've been hyper-aware off my surroundings and have barely had a chance to relax very much in this time.   We'll just have to reference them as the Covid Years, and in another 20 years we will just all laugh and say you'd have had to be there.

So today I'm doing some planning.  Organizing my kitchen, my thoughts, cleaning out some clutter and planning on a tropical 2023 winter vacation to shake off the winter blues.

No picture, just a quick drop by to make sure the blog stays fresh.  Lots to do!

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