Thursday, March 17, 2022

It's good to just be in 2022

I took some moments for reflection this morning, much like I do every year for St. Patrick's Day.   Growing up American Irish in a family that loved to celebrate, I try and keep some of those traditions.   Unfortunately I wasn't able tto have kids of my own - but that doesn't mean I've turned into a cranky adult who wants nothing to do with fun, kids, family or laughter.  Far from it!   My immediate family consists of my hubby and I, plus our circus of pets!  The dog, cats, and chickens are enough to make me feel like a stressed out mom at times.  The difference of course is that I can leave this little monsters locked up for the day if I had to be away from the house.    I don't regret my life or my choices. They are what make me who I am today.  I get to be Dog Mom, Cat Mom, and the Crazy Chicken Lady.  Plus I'm Auntie, friend, sister, daugher, wife, cousin.   I hope to be live up to those titles over and over again until I draw my last breath, hopefully in laughter.

Back to today.   I've not yet decorated my house! I feel so far behind due to my work schedule.  I finally took a day off and it feels GREAT!  For the last two years - we've limited interactions, had no major parties, and kept to ourselves.   Was it worth it?  Was the mental anguish, the anxiety, depression and overwhelming feelings worth it?  We survived.  We never contracted C-19, and I still hope we never do.  Forever forward I will connect St. Patrick's day to the shutdown and reopening of our world.  It feels great to be planning adventures this year.  We're hosting our St. Pats feast dinner on Saturday with a few of our closest friends.   We'll revel in the moments that we've shared in the past, and raise a  Toast to one who is no longer with us.  

The Menu this weekend:

Last of the pickled beets
Irish Cheese platter
fSausage Rolls with mustard
Banger bites
Pickled Asparagus
Corned Beef with cabbage and carrots
Steamed cabbage and carrots
Irish cheesy biscuits
Apple and Pear gallette

Planning leftover meals
Irish Paddy Melts  (corned beef on rye with steamed cabbage and irish cheese)
Corned beef hash
Corned Beef Mac and Irish Cheese (it's soooooo good)
Cheesy biscuit breakfast sandwiches

Traditionally this is also the weekend I plant potatoes and get everything ready to go in the garden. With the greenhouse this year I have a head start.  
It's the last weekend of Winter.  We are going to sweep it out of our lives with a celebration of Irish heritage, the coming of the green, and the continutity of family and lots of laughter. 

Spring forth and show your blooms, your smiles, and share in the warmth yet to come.


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