Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reading Time in the Woods

One of my all time stress relievers is to sit and read a good book.

Reading also means I should have a cup of tea (hot or iced depending on the time of day) or a cup of coffee.  Well I found a new place to read this past weekend.  A cool morning in Eastern Washington meant I was reading while sipping coffee, wrapped up in a blanket and of course, I had to take a picture or two. . .

Here was my view, looking at the TD-9 while the sun came up through the trees.  Big Red, as I call her, is an old International-Farmall TD-9 Crawler Dozer.  My future husband and I decided to take her for a spin the day before.  Oh, did I mention we're getting married? Yup!!  No more single gal Fridays, it will be Married Woman Mondays!!  Most of my family knows this, so if it's a surprise to you, then SURPRISE!  Don't worry, we're waiting until next June.

We're planning a simple small mountain wedding, and Big Red will be a big part in the preparation.  Now, if only the seat didn't smell like diesel, and there was an Amy handle for the side.  My bruises from sitting and hanging on while we moved stumps and cleared brush are fading. . . the dust is no longer on my glasses, but the old gal sure showed me how "work" can be fun!!

We don't want a big splashy-fancy wedding, something small and simple with those we love the most around us We scouted the location, made some preliminary plans, and we're excited to plan a great party to celebrate our joining as husband and wife.

So, here I sat, a nice crisp morning, and a truck had driven down the dirt road too fast, loosening some dust that filtered over the tractor.  So while I read my book, I snapped some pictures and had a great morning.

International TD-9 Crawler Tractor at Sunrise
I can't wait to get back there and take another ride on Big Red.  Even if it's just to sit on her and read.  Or I'll watch my soon-to-be working while I take pictures!

It's Official!  We're engaged!

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