Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Cowlitz Prairie Grange Threshing Bee

Reminding Sammy how to drive the tractor

This is not the meat grinder that I want

Tractor seats, hmm. . . I wonder what my fiancee will make. . . 

Jar Lifters, who knew they could be multi-purpose??

The Supervisors. . . 

A great end to a great day at the Threshing Bee!

After the 47th annual cowlitz prairie grange threshing bee

Working man! Pitch that hay!

Dirty toes. . . 

Mt. Rainier in the Background!

Lots of John Deere's. 

My first Threshing Bee.   So much fun, lots of sun, tractors, family, and good times!!  Next year I'll bring my hat, not just my sunblock!

Until next year. . .

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