Sunday, November 8, 2020

Grateful November

November is  a great month for reflection, opportunity and family.    I took a break from caregiving for my mom to visit with my sister who lives close by.  It was a chance to let Sauk play with her dogs as this was our first trip over this year due to covid.  We've missed coming over and hanging out all together.   This will be our only trip over for the year, so we're making the best and most of it.

My exercise level has been mild this summer/fall due to foot issues earlier in the year.  I have been walking around my yard on breaks and lunches, doing yard chores - but not hiking like I wish I could do. My foot becomes inflamed and to the point where it throbs.  Stretching helps a lot - as does gentle walking.

Behind my sisters house is land that stretches for miles towards the mountains, filled with sagebrush and rolling hills.    So off we went, us, her kids, one horse and three dogs.  It's about a 1.5 mile loop, with some good hills to work all of your muscles and get your blood pumping.

I huffed and puffed and had Sauk help pull me up the last hill (I've been teaching him a Pull command).  The view from the top overlooking the valley was worth it all!  Hills are a weakness, so I'm glad I took it at my own pace.  Heck  I figured that if the 6 month old basset hound could do it - so could I, and I did!  On the way back I took both dogs and got an even better workout - both arms holding back these powerful strong dogs!  They did great with an "easy" command so that I didn't fall on my face going downhill.   The kids and I joked that these two would be great as sled dogs in the snow, or even with skis.

My shins hurt, my foot went a little numb, yet I was able to talk and laugh without strain - a PERFECT afternoon walk.  This morning my back feels fantastic - I definitely need to use a hill program on my treadmill once I get home.

For the month of November I set a goal to look at things with a different perspective, with a focus on being grateful for the present instead of being negative or focus on what isn't going right.  I feel blessed to have the ability to do adventures with family like this.  I feel great knowing that my aging body still has some get up and go - and with more walking I could do and feel like this more!

I had some fabulous oatmeal this morning, and I am ready to look forward to some amazing fall meals that will help inspire more activity and movement like this. 

View overlooking the Valley


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