Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thanksgiving week 2020

It's Thankgiving week here in the USA.   I've tried to find the blessing in many things over the last year, so this Thanksgiving isn't much different.  My home will be two plus a dog, like it's been on other years - and it's just fine with me.   While I do miss the huge holidays of my youth, right now it's just not the responsible thing to do. Responsibility is a big focus around our home of late.  We have had many discussions on personal responisbility and taking ownership of ones actions.

I really try and keep a neutrual perspective on social topics as I like to form my own opinions and base my beliefs across many different viewpoints.    Maybe it's just the social circles I follow, but it may be time for a refresh.   It's not that I don't or won't tolerate things that I don't believe in - but I see more and more folks that do not seem to follow one of my basic life principles - Do No Intentional Harm.   While I do love a snarky sacrastic meme, or one that pokes fun of a situation for the amusement of the masses, they are not always appropriate and are becoming more hurtful of others - just because they have a different belief.   I am talking in general terms here, as this can be applied to so many things that have happened or is happening now.    

Take for example, I sprained my ankle a week ago.  Total accident, but one that most likely was bound to happen due to my weakness in my ankle and several near mishaps over the past year.  Instead of playing the victim or blaming everyone else - or the small rock I tripped on - I am taking ownership of my actions and my feelings about my injury.  This sucks and at the same time I am so blessed!   I was very fortunate to not have broken any bones, to have my husband close by, to be able to work from home, and even when I'm a super cranky grump - he made me eggs. 

Taking ownership of your actions means that you can review the events and see where your part was in the fault - without casting blame on others.  How could you - as you were obviously aware of the issue for quite some time, changed some factor that would have lead to a different outcome?   For me it was ignoring the fact that my favorite "chore" shoes didn't have great ankle support, thus my tripping and rolling my ankle was bound to happen if I didn't change my ways.   I chose to ignore the signs, didn't buy a new 'chore' shoe, and now I'm dealing with the consequences.    In this mindset, I am taking ownership of my actions and my injury.  This still sucks.

We cannot control everything around ourselves.  Yet there are small things that we can do, to be aware of our surroundings, and not ignore or dismiss the little things that one day may compound into much larger issues.

So why am I bringing this up now?  Like i said, maybe my social circles need a refresh by hiding or unfollowing folks who play the victim one too many times without some sort personal responibility.   I get that there are things that are out of your control - but that doesn't give you a blank check to beg for people to pull you up.   Stand up while you are in the wading pool.   If you get to close to the deep end, I hope you learned how to tread water.   If you truly need help, a lifering can be thrown, but don't grow to expect it every time.  Sometimes you just have to pull yourself up, no matter if there is an audience to see it and cheer you on.

In the end, all we can do is our best - and try to do better the next time.   Here's hoping I heal well (not fast, but well), I keep a bright outlook, and enjoy the Wagyu chuck roast I'm about to try my hand at.  If it goes good - I will post up the recipe I am throwing together as I go.  

Thoughts for the week - what one thing can you change today to steer you on a better path?

Oh, almost forgot.  I purchased "Once Upon a River" by Diane Setterfiled.   I'll give a report on it once I am done reading. 

Blessings to all.

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