Monday, May 16, 2022

Reading catch up

The new Alex Kava book, Fallen Creed came out and I was super excited.   I purchased it for a nice relaxing weekend, cracked open the first chapter and went, huh??   I realized that I was missing things, so I went to my bookshelf and sure enough I didn't own Desperate Creed.    No wonder the first few pages didn't make sense!  
Now that I now have that copy, it's time to read!

It's getting harder to find time to read.    Between working more hours, chickens, dog, cats, garden, house cleaning,  and the never ending pile of laundry, it's easier to match a show on my tablet on the kitchen than just sit and read.
I crave that silent time to immerse myself into a story, picturing the words as a movie, having them come to life.   I've tried audiobooks.   My undiagnosed adhd comes out and I get distracted and then get frustrated.       
I like my kindle for its portability, and the fact that I can read some ebooks which are not in print format.  But nothing beats the feel of real printed pages.
I can't run my fingers over ebook spines and touch and remember what I read.   
Kindle unlimited only allows you to borrow a specific number of books, so I had to return half the series I've been reading.   The paperwhite is great, and it has an amazing battery life.   Except it's all black and white and it's hard to find the titles I want in black and white when they are designed in color.    I usually find them on my tablet and then send them to the paperwhite kindle.
So now I am settling down with a physical book, reading foe a few spare minutes before work and I feel my anxiety drain away.

There is just something about a book and reading a good story that relaxes me.

I hope you find a good story today.

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