Monday, August 15, 2022

summer 2022

It's almost gumbo party time.  The first tomato is ripening, the leaves are starting to turn,  and the heat is staying into the wee hours of the night.

Mt favorite time of summer, the end of August.   It brings to mind harvest season,  county fairs, crisp mornings, spectacular sunrises, and the fruit in the vine.   Soon I'll be picking apples and grapes, relishing in their sweetness, all the while jotting notes on what grew well in the garden this year.

Not much.

Seriously it's been a strange year.  Too cold and wet, then some seeds didn't germinate well.   Then the heat didn't come and things were stunted.   

But that's life on the farm.   There are no guarantees,  but you must remain hopeful.  If you didn't have hope, you'd be living in a Condo somewhere in the concrete jungle.

Me?  I'm going to savor some fresh picked berries, be thankful that my time loves my greenhouse, and keep watching the corn grow.

Gumbo party is here, we can't wait to share some pictures of our event!

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