Sunday, August 28, 2022

pickles are a pantry item that should never be depleted.

I told myself earlier this year, that this year would be about using up all my pantry goodies.   So I did not pickle any asparagus, didn't plan on making any berry jam or jelly, and then August came.   Hubby asked if I'd help a friend can pickles, so I said sure!   Well, that didn't pan our but as I looked in my pantry I realized that I only had one jar left.   A friend gifted me a quart and the bug was caught!   25 lb special mix box from Schuh Farms, plus some from our garden should last us the year.  
I love pickled spears, they are so tasty and I can a jar all by myself!

Cheers to home canned goodies that taste so much better than anything from a grocery store.

Timers up, last batch is done.
Enjoy the bounty of the season. 

 Next up, apples.

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