Sunday, December 25, 2022

Holiday 2022

Tis the season, for laughter, love, family, friends and memories.

I've been busy working, and I've been focusing on quick meals these past few months.   As with every holiday season, I try to take time and reflect.   

This year is no different.   I've posted more on Instagram instead of blogged.   I've focused on just getting through the day and looking forward to work free Saturdays, of reading a book just to read, and of course, continuing to write down and save my favorite recipes.

I started a cook book project years ago.    I add notes, print out and a rough outline.   But how do you scale back?   My mind is a maze, and I've at least 6 different books I could do!  Themes, seasons, styles, etc. 

One day I'll whittle them down, choose a direction and lay it all out.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone reading this has a Holiday filled with good food, love, and warm cheer.

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